CEO: Leslie Evans Global Coaching: Corporate & Leadership Development Coach | Motivational Speaker | Facilitator.

Are you the leader you want to be; the leader you know you can be? Are you growing professionally and personally, and inspiring and motivating your team to grow, and flourish? Are you, by the way you lead and coach, creating more leaders? Do you lead by example? Do you want to? Is your team more productive and engaged because you are at the helm? Or are you new to leadership, and unsure how to proceed in this leg of your journey? Perhaps you’re a seasoned leader ready to make a change. Have you just started your own business, and have never dealt with having employees before? Do you want to enhance your emotional intelligence, cultivate resilience, or hone your interpersonal skills? Are you looking for a safe environment to ask questions, and delve into the numerous avenues for professional and personal development, not only for yourself, but for your team or employees as well.

I help both seasoned and new leaders as well as entrepreneurs develop their soft skills, and explore the possibilities and challenges they face on a regular basis with open dialog, troubleshooting, accountability, and developing working strategies with methods that work.

With professional training as a Corporate and Leadership Development Coach, specializing in strategy, personal/professional development, and accountability, and in spending almost two decades in the telecommunications/sales industry, two decades in the medical field, and also being a mother to my amazing son, I’ve learned that one of the most important things in life whether it be personally or professionally is how to effectively communicate with others.

I now wake up with a growing insatiable passion to not only communicate with all those around me, but to also show and teach everyone that life has endless possibilities.

What’s your leadership style? What works best for you and your team. I can help you figure out the answers to these questions.

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